Health check and laboratory


Stitch in time saves nine.. preventive health checkup for all age and gender are available at very reasonable rates.

It is usually suggested that a person undergo regular preventative health checks to discover any medical condition in its early stages. If you notice any changes in your body quickly enough, the management of the condition and the result of therapy will be much more favourable. In addition, a monthly repeat check allows one to evaluate any irregularities discovered during the first check-up. 

Because of the innovative concept of a preventive health check programme that we came up with at Savaikar hospital, we have been able to cultivate a dedicated customer base over the course of many decades. The Savaikar hospitals provide comprehensive health screening programmes known as Health Checks. These programmes have the added benefit of allowing patients to have all of their tests completed in a single place for their convenience. 

A “round-the-clock” Laboratory testing facility is also available at Savaikar Hospital, spread across a broad area. The Laboratory Medicine Department is equipped with the most recent and cutting-edge analyzers, which are completely connected with the Laboratory Information System (LIS), ensuring accurate findings. The division takes pride in producing reliable and high-quality outcomes, which it achieves via the implementation of tight quality control procedures and active involvement in external proficiency testing programs. 

Emergency Cases

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