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Best ICU unit in Ponda Goa @ Savaikar Hospital

The best ICU in Ponda, Goa – The Savaikar hospital

Akash, a businessman from Ponda, Goa, had been feeling down for a few days. However he ignored it due to his busy schedule. One day, while working from the office,…
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Best treatment for appendicitis in Ponda, Goa @ Savaikar Hospital


23-year-old Rashmi always had a healthy lifestyle. As a young volleyball player, she kept herself active and enjoyed her time on the field. A few weeks back, she returned home…
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hemorrhoids Blog (1)


Haemorrhoids, better known as piles, are not just physically painful but can often bring a lot of anxiety. Most people, especially women find it rather embarrassing to discuss it, leave…
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Best pilonidal sinus treatment in Goa @ Savaikar Hospital (1)

Pilonidal sinus

While 26-year-old Suneel had been a cab driver for 3 years, of late he started to feel pain in his natal area when sitting. Initially, he thought that it was…
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Anesthetist finds way to ventilate patient with neck deformity

The chief anesthetist at Savaikar Hospital, Goa, shares her experience of intubating a man with a tilted windpipe. About 4 in every 100,000 people have neck movement restriction, a condition that…
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Goa surgeon removes stone from puss oozing gallbladder

Staff writer  |  GDCS 28 Oct, Goa For two months Shekhar Mayekar was fed on antibiotics to calm the inflammation in his gall bladder. When the pain and distress continued…
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