Dr. S. Mukhopadhyay graduated from the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College, University of Pune and following this he pursued a postgraduate degree in Internal Medicine under the aegis of NBE and decided to take this further and go in to full time Cardiology and further obtained additional qualification in Interventional Cardiology.

He has extensive experience in Interventional Cardiology having worked in prestigious institutions like

B.M. Birla Heart Center, Kolkata(with Dr. Devi Shetty), Batra Heart Center, New Delhi,

Apollo Hospital, Bhilai, TMH, Jamshedpur, JLNHRC, Bhilai, Wockhardt Hospital, Goa, Manipal Hospital, Goa

He has had extensive experience in Angiography & Angioplasty(Radial and Femoral), Echocardiography(Adult/Pediatric/Fetal/TEE), Pacemaker Implantations, ICD implantation, CRT-D implantation, Device closures(ASD, VSD, PDA) as well as Clinical Cardiology.

He has taught postgraduate students in Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the institutions where he served as a Physician.

He has also contributed to the CSI Update on Cardiology from time to time and conducted research at all hospitals where he has worked.

He is an avid reader and among his other interests are Aquatics and Squash.