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Abdomen is like a box which contains many organs such as intestines, liver, kidney etc. Any weakness in this wall causes protrusion of internal organs through it. This is called.
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Gall Bladder Stones

Gall Bladder Stones

Gall bladder is a tiny bag situated just below the liver which stores bile. Bile is produced by the liver. Sometimes the gallbladder stops working and the bile within the.
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Appendicitis can be diagnosed By doing an ultrasound and blood tests treatment. Most of the times treatment is surgical
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Dr Reshma Dalvi

Specialises in CT and MRI scans and she predominantly works with cardiac CTs, CT angiographies and CT-guided biopsies.

Dr Aaron Soares

Specializes in Pediatric injuries and Fractures and other conservative Orthopedic treatments.

Dr Sharmad Kudchadker

Urologist and Uro oncologist, specializing in laparoscopic surgery and Uro oncology.

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