Abdomen is like a box which contains many organs such as intestines, liver, kidney etc.

Any weakness in this wall causes protrusion of internal organs through it. This is called hernia.



Any one can get hernia from birth to old age.
It can be congenital, because of any past surgery on abdomen, old age causing weakness in muscles  or because of any factors which raise intra abdominal pressure like cough, straining at stools or passing urine. 


Person may notice a bulge or swelling in groin , belly button or over previous scar which increases on standing or coughing. 
Occasional pain at the site.


Intestine  coming out of the defect can get obstructed or its blood supply can get cut off( strangulation)  . This causes life threatening condition and urgent surgery would be required. 


Hernia cannot be cured with medicines and needs a small surgery.
There are 2 ways of doing it. Open or laparoscopy your doctor will decide which way is best for you.
Open surgery – traditional way of repairing hernia. In this a small cut is made on the hernia , the weakness in muscles is closed and a mesh is fixed over it to support.
Laparoscopic surgery– this is performed by key hole technique.
A camera is introduced and surgery is performed by inserting tiny instruments by looking at the tv monitor.
Advantages of laparoscopic surgery
  • Painless as no big cut is made.
  • Opposite side hernia can be treated at the same time through same keyhole. In open surgery we have to make a seperate cut.
  • Cosmetically superior.

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