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Varicose Veins Treatment

An Overview


When the blood vessels are weak and valves don’t work correctly, they lead to swollen veins in the lower part of the body. These are the varicose veins. They usually occur as large, blueish purple bulged or twisted nerves.



Patients in the early stages of varicose are recommended to exercise and lift their legs while sitting or laying down. Elevating the legs instead of hanging them can promote better blood flow and reduce swelling.


Compression stockings can control the swelling and pain. By compressing the legs, the blood flow is regulated, thereby the veins don’t worsen over time. Prescribed strength and related stockings are available in the pharmacy. These are usually the primary measures before the doctors recommend any surgery or major treatments.

Surgical treatment

○ Sclerotherapy or injection therapy: The doctor will inject a solution into the vein to stick them together during the surgical process. These veins eventually die becoming scar tissue and eventually fade away.
○ Laser treatment: During the laser treatment the doctor uses a catheter (long thin tubes) and laser lights to burst the damaged veins. It is a minimal invasion method where no cuts or incisions are made.
○ Veins surgery: The process involves the removal of the damaged veins through small incisions. This is an outpatient procedure and the doctor makes incisions near the damaged veins and cuts them away. The procedure doesn't affect the blood flow, as the internal veins of the legs carry larger volumes of blood and maintain proper blood flow

At Savaikar Hospital, we provide the safest procedure for our patients. Doctors usually don't recommend any major surgical procedure until it's an absolute necessity or the patient requests a permanent recovery from varicose veins.